How to Download Movies Using uTorrent free 2020 [Step-by-Step Guide] | Download Bollywood Hindi Movies HD 2020 Download, Latest Movies

This is one of my favorite search engine for downloading movie, NF Series, and all I have use this site because they have a very friendly UI which is really cool. is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines

Best Free Torrent Search Engines For 2020
  • Torrentz2👍
  • Toorgle
  • TorrentSeeker
  • Snowfl
  • Veoble
  • Xtorx
  • Bitcq

👉 Open your preferred web browser. It's recommended that you use a supported web browser like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, since Internet Explorer may be too vulnerable for most torrent websites. is a site where you can download anything ranging from songs to games to videos and many more. The site in India specially is stopped legally due to many reasons. Torrent is basically an illegal site .So the downloading is not so simple from this site. You have to apply a VPN before downloading. 

👉copy and paste below URL in your web browser

You can see this site is blocked.So i need a VPN application for change IP address.

👉if you use laptop
To download and instal uTorrent and VPN desktop software

👉if you use mobile smart phone
 To download below link and instal uTorrent and VPN Application 

 Download link for VPN
 Download link for µTorrent 

👉Now Open VPN App

VPN is basically a proxy which changes your server address. Like if I am in India and I have applied a VPN so my location now can be america or any other country where using torrent is legal. You can be punished on using in india without using VPN. So it is very risky to download stuff from this site.

  👉Tap to Connect and Connecting start

  👉Turbo VPN Connected! 

👉Now Open the site your google Chrome, Type your movie's name & netflix series etc into the search bar, then press  Enter.

👉Click a torrentz review 
Now select any one related content and open the other screen as below.

👉Review your movies file Size

👉Download the torrent file in torrent app 
download torrent file which automatic torrents app open and downloading start below screen.

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