How to generate .ipa file for In-House and distribute enterprise iOS app inside a company

How to generate .ipa 

Welcome in this article we'll learn how to generate .ipa file for In-House and distribute enterprise iOS app inside a company.
Some questions that We will discuss in details.

Xcode Manually setting signing certificate?
How to Generate .ipa  for In-House Distribution?
How do I release an in-house iOS app?
distributing an ios application within a company (enterprise distribute ios app in-house)?

Select Xcode manually setting signing certificate:
Xcode will automatically verify the relevant certificates with reference to this profile and validate. By default, Signing is chosen as “Automatically manage signing”, uncheck the box and choose provisioning profile created in earlier step and choose Enterprise account Team. 

Select Product > Archive to produce a build archive.

select Enterprise as method of distribution.

Preparing archive for distribution.


Select certificate inHouse profile.

Finally set the location to export the app.

Downloaded App's binary IPA file.


Distribute an iOS app In House

How to download your iOS enterprise developer app from link?

The .ipa file must be served by your server via https, otherwise it won't be possible to put in your app on your users' devices.

I recommend creating your own html server page. An HTML page you should host somewhere where all of your employees can attend download your app.

If you have your own server then host the app's binary (.ipa file) on the server. Otherwise you can use many third party servers that are either total free or pay something.

You can use third party server as below.

  1. Distribute apps
  2. Diawi
  3. Install On Air

What is Distribute apps?

Distribute apps may be a one-click destination to distribute your beta iOS app builds. Easily sharable together with your friends, developers,your employees and testers via single link.This link is valid permanent free.

How does Distribute apps works?

First, Login to Distribute Apps portal. 

Now, you have to upload the .ipa file containing the source code of your application in the application portal.

Link is ready.copy URl and open the internet Safari browser on iOS device. download the iOS enterprise app.

Diawi is a tool employed by the developers for sending their app on to the hand-held devices. this is often basically used for in-house applications.
Diawi link is valid for 1 day.

Install On Air:
Install On Air may be a platform for distributing your iOS and Android applications also as installing it over the air. you'll share that link to your clients, testers, friends or developers or utilize it for your own device. this is often the simplest thanks to share, get quick and real feedback on your mobile application.

List of Some Alternatives Server

  1. App Host
  2. Test Flight
  3. Updraft
  4. Install On Air
  5. HockeyApp
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